We understand that you want to make the best business decision on who you lend finance to or invest into, so that you canĀ  grow a successful and profitable business.

We also understand that risk lies at the heart of your decision-making and that the financial numbers don’t lie.

No matter what your client say or plans they put in place, you know that the financial result of their actions will dictate whether your business has to take on more risk.

In a world of increasing competition, increasing regulation and more data, we are a FinTech company designed to you to help you manage risk, better.

At FeeLYX, our mission is to be THE financial analysis partner for your lending or investment organisation.

We provide a better way to access the decision-making insight that you need, to measure the past, current and predict the financial performance of your clients.

Our team is made up of industry experts with over 60 years of experience of running their own businesses, established leaders with senior executive financial knowledge, to technology experts with Silicon Valley technology experience.

Together, we can help you unlock the hidden financial intelligence that you need to make better business decisions, now and in the future.

You are not our customers, let us be your partners.

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