Why Giving Up Is Not An Option

Have you ever had your back up against the wall, and you realise that you either have to push back or give up?

Did you push back?

That desire to do so was Resilience. Resilience enables you to learn the lessons that you don’t wish to be taught; it fuels the motivation and inspiration you need to face challenges, deal with the lows and reality of life/business and be humble when the highs come along.

Many of us can be anxious about facing challenges in our way, but embracing resilience forces you to learn more about yourself, your character, your relationships with others and to truly identify what is really important to you.

I’ve been there. Aged 21, I was in the fortunate position of being in my dream full-time job – I became the Midland’s leading Mentoring Trainer for corporates, training their staff on how to become employment mentors and drive innovation, as part of their corporate social responsibility strategies. Personally, we also had a baby on the way too! Life was great!

But one night I woke up in cold sweats, finding it difficult to sleep.

Something was not right and I did not know why. I went downstairs, found a pen started making random notes on my life, my career, the future..the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between!

Within a two week period, I resigned from my dream job, negotiated reduced rent on a one-man office, designed my own two page website, made my own business cards and was hunting for my first client, as my own boss of my own personal development training company.

Many said I was crazy, many said it would not work. People said “you are the wrong race, you are about to have a baby, you come from the wrong social class, your don’t speak ‘corporate’, you never went to university so what do you know etc etc” I got it all!

I doubted myself countless amount of times, and did end up taking on ‘proper jobs’ on more than one occasion, to supplement those sahara desert months of no income, and I must have been a complete nightmare to live with.

But something inside was always burning away. A feeling of hunger and a desire to help others, but not in a way I easily could articulate to others. You know that feeling?

I had to take some time out to really reflect on how I was, who I was becoming and who I really wanted to be. I realised that for me, business was not about the media hype perspective, but more about creating vehicles that help to add value to that create personal, social, economic and commercial impact for others.

I learned 2 things about myself during that time, that I would like I share:

1) Your purpose is never about you: we all have something special to contribute to the lives of others and the world. You may already know what your purpose is, but if not, have a think about what truly makes you happy; what gives you that funny happy butterfly feeling whenever you think about it, a bit like when you saw that girl or boy of your dreams and you got all giddy 🙂

I know some days it may be hard to, but you must believe in yourself to realise the power that you have within you, whether it is through a job, a business, family or whatever route you can – no one has the right to stop you from maximising your potential to fulfil your purpose.

That includes you from stopping yourself..

2) Be humble enough to never think you have all the answers, but confident to ask the right questions: life is like poker – you get dealt the cards that you don’t expect, but you must play with those cards, whether it is a good hand or not.

Real learning comes through resilience refusing to give up, reminding yourself daily on your big picture, thanking those who try to hold you back for the motivation and staying true to yourself!

Ask the right questions of yourself and of others, but ALWAYS from an authentic, real and genuine perspective – enjoy the ride, but don’t get sucked into the hype!

Life is for living and learning – it’s better to remain its keenest student!

So…what wall are you going to break down next?

Please feel free to share / comment on what your wall is 🙂

About me:


I’m an award-winning Business Strategist for Entrepreneurs and Corporates.

I help them to create and implement simple practical solutions to complex problems that they face, when seeking to grow or expand.

I am also a Technology Entrepreneur and Public Speaker on Entrepreneur Mindset, Business Startup, Diversity and Social Innovation and a passionate Board Member of other companies.

In 2016, I was awarded an OBE for Services to Business Support and Enterprise, chosen as one of the #Maserati100 Top UK Entrepreneurs in 2015 and awarded the title of Birmingham Young Professional of the Year for Recruitment and Training in 2010.