About us

In November 2015, our CEO made a choice.

To build a business with a single aim – to give other businesses the equal opportunity to grow, at a time when they have been battered, bruised, and feel unable to maximise their potential.

We decided to merge our passion for business support, and our collective years of experience within the financial sector, with the power of technology.

Our passion was rewarded with coveted places within not one, but two separate business accelerator programmes, where we took the time to understand the challenges you face, and integrated feedback from some of the world’s leading banking and financial services firms.

The clarity on our offering cemented the confidence in our team. We are blessed to have such a dedicated team of experienced expert leaders.

We have come together to support accountancy firms, who themselves face digital disruption and increasing legislation.

Why? Well, how can you help others, if you need help yourself?

We can help you, so your clients can make better business decisions.  As we grow, we will create more tools and services, focused on giving you more opportunity to harness the power of insightful financial intelligence.

By using this intelligence, you will add strategic and trusted value to your clients.

Value that you will benefit from too. You are not our customers, you are our partners.

Let’s start this journey now, together.