About us

A few years ago, we decided to turn our collective passions into a single vision:

To give ambitious businesses the equal opportunity to grow, through the power of Financial Technology (FinTech).

But we also wanted to support you, their bank or financial services provider.

Our mission is to help you to harness the power of financial intelligence, to become more strategic trusted advisors and help your clients make better financial and business growth decisions.

We admire the fact that you try to ease the financial pain that these businesses endure every single day.

But we know your own industry faces mass digital and financial disruption too – regulations such as Open Banking, GDPR and the emergence of digital players is forcing you to think, be and act differently.

We have had the privilege to work alongside some of the world’s leading banking and financial services institutions, integrating their insight, knowledge and needs into the build of our software product.

We are committed as a dedicated team of experienced leaders, working as one, to meet your needs for the future.

Let us work with you. We will listen to you, and work with you to evolve the tools and services that you need to respond to change that affect you now and in the future.

In doing so, you will receive both business and commercial benefits too.

You are not our customers, we are your partners.

Why not click here now and let’s start this journey, together.