There will always be times in your life when you have to deal with change, whether you are ready for it or not.

But I agree with Charles Darwin – he was correct when he stated that the most strongest are those who are adaptable to change.

Change enables you to evolve as a human being, through your experiences, increased knowledge and give you the confidence and belief to achieve more, rather than it be a negative marker for self-depreciation.

Indeed, negativity can become your motivator for positive change, if you take the time to learn the lessons it teaches you, instead of being absorbed by the emotional impacts – not easy i know, but every good or bad experience in your life, has the potential to elevate your own level of emotional intelligence.

Maturity has truly helped me to harness and channel my own life experiences, taking me from being an inner city introvert to becoming multi award-winning OBE, and as I embark on a new chapter as a technology entrepreneur.

I believe I still have a rebel mentality that likes to disrupt the status quo and fights against being boxed into how others feel I ought to be, but I’m proud that that the results of what I do are much better for all who i encounter, both in the boardroom and in wider society.

However, it is not easy, and I still force myself to learn every single day.

So, I hope my 3 steps on how I have used change in my own life, may help you in some way:

1) Adopt the thinking that entrepreneurship is a way of being, not just because you are in business: Fear is a state of mind that can stop you from learning the wonderful lessons that change can teach you. As entrepreneurs, you are often told that fear is normal. But entrepreneurial mindsets don’t operate from fear, but from purpose.

If you choose to embrace change through entrepreneurial thinking, rather than fear it, then fear itself becomes a benchmark of progress, helping you to acknowledge that fact that you know have new experiences to encounter.

2) Own your power and understand that others may not wish the best for you: The lessons you learn from embracing change, will ultimately help you progress through life positively, in an emotional, spiritual and physical way. But you must be prepared to accept that others have their own path to follow, and it may not always be the same as yours. It is what it is. Love them all the same.

3) Implement a positive action immediately: Change will never make sense to you, if you don’t put it into a positive context and give it the meaning that you feel is both appropriate and beneficial to you and others.

Be clear on why you are implementing the positive action and ensure that you are able to communicate the benefit for others effectively, for that provides a foundation for inspiration, motivation and legacy.

We are all different, yet change happens to us all. Maybe we are all more alike than society wants us to believe.

Till the next time, JB.