3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Your Vulnerabilities

Life has a tendency to take you in different directions, with so many twists and turns.

These constant changes cause you to reflect on who you really are, the standard you hold for yourself and the future you wish to create for your customers, those most important to you and yourself.

But changes can also make you feel ‘naked’, lost, frustrated and full of anxiety. These elements impact on the sense of leadership that you hold over yourself, causing you to react and make hurried decisions, some good, most bad.

So, how do you continue to move forward with a sense of purpose and focus, even when the dark fog of uncertainty comes your way?

I believe it boils down to you being willing to embrace your vulnerabilities,regardless of the situation or environment that you find yourself in.

Don’t get me wrong…I, too, understand that there is a distinct difference between this paradigm and that of being negatively being placed into that position, against your own will.

I simply mean, that when you reflect upon and choose to embrace the things that make you feel uncomfortable, you actually place yourself into a state of intense reality.

Intense reality means that you have no place to hide, but, this also means that you have true and real clarity on where you are, what you are doing and the liberty to make a decision on what you must do next.

To be honest, I think that the pressures of life, constant digital access into people’s lives and business and the pace of which information can be shared, has made us all shit-scared about truly ‘keeping it real’.

It is as if we have lost the basic principles of real community, based on physical face to face connections, dialogue, debate and the respect of difference.

When you are being truly honest and open, at least you know where you stand – whether it negative or positive, there is a conversation to be had and a lesson to be learned, and that my friend, is what life is about.

Learning the lessons that you don’t want to be taught. Embracing your own vulnerability shows that:

  • you are proud of who you are, warts and all.
  • you give permission for others to be attracted to you and connect more easily with you, without all the bullshit and bravado.
  • you take the time to understand and value the time that you spend with others, and that they spend with you.

I’m not saying you have to shout “I’M ME” from the rooftops or burn your bras and boxers in a wild state of anarchy! I’m not saying that you must become egotistical, puffing out your chest like a peacock who just won Prat of the Year.

I’m just saying, that engaging with yourself differently, provides a true sense of clear honesty, speaking from the heart, whether it’s in the boardroom or bedroom, in a bar or in the car!

This in turn breeds trust, collaboration and loyalty to you, your brand and your business.

In the end, you will know when it is time to move forward, leaving the old you behind and welcoming the right people and the right outcomes, that follow you for the right reasons, even if it was not who or what you thought it would be.

Till the next time,