What we offer

    Assess the viability, stability and profitability of a business.

    Financial Data Analytics

    Insightful information to make better business decisions.

    Bespoke Forecasting

    Flexible forecasting to provide regular customised results.

    Industry Benchmarking

    Compare business performance. COMING SOON

    Our Vision

    We are here to provide growth opportunities for any business, in any market, within any industry, anywhere in the world. As an accountant, you are an essential part of this process. We would like to offer you an ‘one stop shop’ for market and commercial intelligence, to identify new markets and revenue streams for your clients.

    Meet the team

    Over 60 years + experience across Finance, Technology and Business Growth
    Joel Blake OBE
    Founder & CEO - 15 years experience in business growth & finance. Awarded OBE for Services to Business Support & Enterprise
    Ahmed Khan
    CTO - 20 years+ technology experience in cloud development, telecoms and software engineering.
    Ian French
    Non Exec Board Member (Finance) - Former investment director of VC firm. Previously 10 years at PWC where he was involved in Insolvency, Mergers and Acquisitions.
    Dr. Constantina Muston
    Non Exec Board Member (Strategy) - Academic lecturer (20 years), economist and entrepreneur. CEO and Co-Founder of virtual accelerator for high growth tech start-ups.
    Dr Nick Venning
    Non Exec Board (Marketing) - fmr Marketing Director (Global Industries) PWC.


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